Meet Barak

“Wherever you go in the world and talk about real estate, at some point, the city of Tel Aviv will come up in conversation. It’s one of the most famous and advanced cities, so naturally, it attracts a lot of interest.”

~ Barak Daon

Barak Daon

Owner, Broker

Barak Daon is the founder and owner of Daon Group Real Estate. Barak leads an international team responsible for representing buyers and sellers of distinguished properties throughout Tel Aviv, Israel, providing personalized, top-quality realty services from start to finish of purchasing or selling property in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Barak specializes in Tel Aviv, selling new and old apartments and lots for building and real estate development. Daon Group serves as a one-stop-shop, working in partnership with real estate lawyers, mortgage consultants, designers, and more to make your experience seamless.

​Barak is a board member of Bayit Brigade, the only non-profit organization that focused on housing for active soldiers and new veterans in Israel. Barak is a co-founder and board member of “Derech Eretz” Israel’s Real Estate Brokers Association, dedicated to the professionalization of the real estate agent profession in Israel. Barak received two prestigious awards: Tel Aviv’s Most Promising Agent and the President’s Club Achievement Award. The Daon Group received awards for the Most Innovative Real Estate Consultancy Firm and the Fastest Growing Real Estate Brokerage House from Cosmopolitan The Daily.

​Barak has a bachelor’s degree in cognitive science and chemistry from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Previous to becoming a real estate consultant, Barak was a major in the Israel Defense Forces for over seven years, serving in elite units including the counter-terrorism unit followed by the dignitary protection unit. His army career provided him with extensive leadership, strategic, and logistical experience. He also gained wide-ranging business and strategic skills and development experience through his interactions with foreign armies.

Barak is married to Stephanie and has three young children. He likes to cook, swim, hike throughout Israel, and explore new cultures around the world.

What our clients are saying:

Daon Group Real Estate is a professional, diligent, and thoughtful real estate agency that specializes and knows everything there is to know about Tel Aviv. Their agents are from all over the world and are knowledgable, kind, and care about their clients from start to finish of the buying/selling process. Barak and his team are the best choice when it comes to navigating Tel Aviv real estate, could not recommend more.

Blair Wales

Barak and his international team provide the best services you’ll find in Tel Aviv Real Estate! Thanks to Daon Group, I live worry free, in a beautiful apartment. Highly recommend!

Arielle Diamond