Be Aggressive: Marketing your property the right way

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Israel Real Estate, Tel Aviv Real Estate | 0 comments

Making the decision to sell your property is the first of four major steps you must take before making the big sale final:

  1. Deciding to sell your property
  2. Marketing/advertising your property
  3. Showing your property to interested parties/ following up
  4. Negotiating the sale and closing the deal

lt is important to understand that each step influences the following step, making it critical to complete each and every step of the process completely and with a high level of professionalism. In order to close the best deal with the perfect potential buyer you must show your property to the right people. In order to find those people, you MUST engage in aggressive marketing.

Posting on Facebook and yad2 will most likely not expose your property to enough potential buyers. In addition to reaching potential buyers searching online, you must also consider how to reach potential international buyers looking online in their own language, older individuals who still search for properties in the newspaper, and people who haven’t necessarily started looking to buy, but your property might be the perfect property for them.

When you meet with a real estate agent to consider hiring them to sell your property, make sure they have an aggressive marketing plan that makes sense. Have them explain it to you and ask questions about the marketing process and timeline. Make sure the agent if willing to sign a document detailing the marketing activities s/he will employ to sell your property and his/her commitment to following that plan.

The following is a sample marketing plan that we use at Barak Daon Tel Aviv Real Estate to ensure that we reach the highest number of relevant and potential buyers:

  • Create a comparative analysis of prices of similar properties in the area of your property
  • Send information about the property to the real estate agent database and invite agents to bring buyers
  • Hang a “for sale” sign outside the property
  • Invest in high-quality external and internal photography of the property
  • Prepare a video of the property to share on YouTube and Facebook
  • Coordinate the showing of the property to other agents so they will know how to show it to their buyers
  • Stage the property- prepare the property and its surroundings for sale
  • Advertise in the local newspaper
  • Advertise on the internet:,, (an international website translated to 30 different languages),, and
  • Contact potential buyers from the office’s database
  • Share the property in different Facebook groups and real estate agent forums to promote cooperation between agents
  • Create a property ID sheet for potential buyers, distribute it at local coffee shops and businesses and on social media channels
  • Distribute the property ID sheet to real estate agencies
  • Print at least 1,000 postcard advertisement of the property and distribute them around the neighborhood
  • Set a future date for an open house and publicize it
  • Hold an open house
  • Follow up with buyers who visited the property

Aggressive marketing is a full time job; it requires expertise and a lot of hard work. Hire a real estate agent that knows what s/he is doing so that your property will be advertised in a way that will bring the largest number of potential buyers in the shortest amount of time. Happy selling!

We know what we are doing. Contact us today to discuss the right aggressive marketing plan for your property.