Did your favorite Tel Aviv beach make our list?

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So many of our clients looking to buy property in Tel Aviv are looking for apartments close to the beach. But WHICH beach do they want to be close to?

Tel Aviv has 14 kilometers of the best beaches, each beach with its own personality. From young people, to families, to tourists, to dogs, to surfers, anyone can find their ideal beach in Tel Aviv.

Some of our favorites:

Gordon Beach
Gordon beach is the most popular beach in Tel Aviv. In season, it is almost impossible to see this beach without hundreds of young people looking to get a tan, hang out with friends, and take a dip in the sea. The beach is always pretty hectic, with loud music playing and people just having fun- loudly..

This beach is one of the most popular tourist beaches, particularly popular amongst American students who flock to Tel Aviv for the summer. Young Israelis also frequent this beach.

There are two always crowded restaurants on the beach with great “beach food” and drinks, and there is nothing better than sitting at a table on the beach. The restaurants, because of their location, are very pricey.

Gordon beach also has volleyball courts, a gym, and water sports available.

Metzitzim Beach
If you’re looking for family fun, Tel Aviv’s Metzitzim beach is the beach for you! A family friendly beach with newly renovated facilities, Metzitzim beach has handicap and stroller access to the beach and public changing rooms, showers, and restrooms.

The shallow waters and children’s playground make it the ideal location for those traveling with kids. Many locals spend their summer weekends relaxing with their children there.

Tzuk Beach (Hatzuk)
Among the best beaches in Tel Aviv lies Tzuk beach. Here, there are no wave breakers so the waves are much bigger than the ones seen along the rest of the coast. Because of this, it is a surfer’s dream. This beach has a surfer/hippy vibe to it.

It is the only beach in Tel Aviv that has an entrance fee, but if you are a Tel Aviv resident, you do not have to pay (only for parking).

Tel Baruch Beach
Tel Baruch beach is divided into a north and south beach. This beach, mostly occupied by locals, is much quieter than other Tel Aviv beaches. There are no bars on this beach making it another family oriented beach and a place to spend the day with kids.

In addition, there are volleyball courts, watersports including surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and kayaking. There is also a barbeque area on the beach so people can cook their own meals for lunch or at the end of a long day at the beach. There are endless ways to spend your day on Tel Baruch Beach.

In addition, in the southern part of the beach, dogs are allowed to run free. So if your family doesn’t like to leave your dog home alone while you relax at the beach, feel free to take him/her with you!

Jerusalem Beach
Jerusalem beach is another one of Tel Aviv’s most beautiful beaches and is located in the center of the coastline. While Gordon beach is more of a tourist scene, this beach is more frequented by locals.

While you are sitting here, you will definitely hear the sound of locals playing “matkot” all day. This Israeli game is loved by all who first pick up the paddle and very common on Jerusalem beach.

Because of its location, Jerusalem beach is definitely not the quietest beach in Tel Aviv. It is as lively as the locals who spend their days on the beach. If you need a break from the beach, Jaffa’s most famous bakery, Abulafia, is right across the street and is the perfect beach snack.

As an American tourist here for the summer, Gordon beach is where I choose to go whenever I go to the beach. Which Tel Aviv beach is your favorite?