Dream Location: Bazel 21, Tel Aviv

by | Mar 7, 2023 | Tel Aviv Living, Tel Aviv Real Estate | 0 comments

Daon Group Real Estate is always excited to sell new real estate projects throughout Tel Aviv, but it is even more meaningful when we have luxury projects for sale right in our own backyard here in Tel Aviv’s Old North neighborhood.

The Old North is one of the most (if not THE most) desired areas in all of Tel Aviv. Within the area itself, the simple mention of the Bazel neighborhood is enough to have anyone cut you off mid-sentence and proceed to tell you about a story or amazing experience they had there.

Whether it was an afternoon spent there or an apartment they lived in for a period of time, living in Bazel is every Old North lover’s dream. Daon Group now has the opportunity to make this dream become a reality for you.

Situated in the most prestigious and desirable neighborhood in the Old North, Bazel 21’s Tama 38/1 Project represents everything there is to love about the neighborhood – elegance, quaintness, and accessibility to everything Tel Aviv has to offer. Bazel Square is a short one minute walk away, with just about anything you could ever want or need. Around the square are coffee shops like the amazing café Mela, top tier restaurants such as Rustico, Mercato Deli offering quality meats and cheeses, Maccabi and Clallit health clinics, and much more. Just up the street you are on bustling Dizengoff Street and just a seven minute walk to the sea. The neighbourhood itself is going through extensive urban renewal, with exciting projects happening throughout. In addition, a luxury hotel and residence has been approved right around Bazel Square.

The developer Alt-Gaon, with years of experience and a strong reputation in the industry, is managing all stages of the project. They are known for their luxurious projects around Tel Aviv, and most recently completed a project at George Elliot 18. Erez Alt, owner and project manager, is extremely detail oriented and adamant about completing projects according to their targeted timelines. “There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not physically on site ensuring that all projects are being completed in line with our schedules and codes. I’m a man of working hands, it’s exciting to see projects like this come to fruition”.

There are a variety of new 2 and 3 bedroom apartments for sale, including a 3 bedroom penthouse.

Contact us for more information about this exciting project, where you have the opportunity to live in the heart of the Old North and experience the ideal Tel Aviv lifestyle.

Expected occupancy of Bazel 21 is Spring 2024. Please contact us for more details.