My Journey at Daon Group

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When I first thought about coming to Israel I did not know what to expect. It would be my first time living here and really getting a chance to experience everything Tel Aviv has to offer. I decided to do a 5-month internship program with Masa, and I knew that my internship had to be at a real estate office. The next thing I had to decide was which company I was going to intern for. This decision was not easy, but once I finished my interview with Barak Daon, the owner of Daon Group Real Estate, I knew it was the right choice, hoping he felt the same way.

Thinking about real estate in Los Angeles and comparing it to real estate in Tel Aviv, I did not know what to expect. I was excited and curious at the same time to learn and understand a completely different market. When I came to Tel Aviv I thought real estate was going to be like everywhere else. Now that I have finished my internship, I can say that real estate in Tel Aviv is not like everywhere else, there is a crazy market here and Tel Aviv itself, is a place like no other.

When people think about real estate, most people think of Beverly Hills, Miami, and New York, where there are lavish mansions, stunning water-front properties, and huge penthouses that overlook the central park. Most people do not think of luxury real estate and multi-million dollar penthouses on the beach when they think of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is quickly becoming a sought-after city for people all over the world to move to, and the demand is high.

Many people who come to Israel from around the world typically experience culture shock in the way that service is provided here, for better or worse. Longing for the standards of service people are used to abroad, the Daon Group experience reminds people of what service should look like. Our office provides a full-service experience, making the journey as seamless and joyful as possible.

Whether someone is interested in buying or selling, choosing your real estate agent is an important aspect of any real estate transaction. Your real estate agent can be the difference between a good deal and a bad deal, or no deal at all. A lot of work goes into selling or buying a property, and an agent from Daon Group is exactly who you need to get the deal done.  When selling a property with Daon Group, our agents can get broader exposure for your property, help you negotiate a better deal, and dedicate more time to your sale. If you are looking to buy a home, it can be difficult and overwhelming to find houses for sale in Tel Aviv that fit all the criteria to suit your lifestyle. Our agents show our clients all options that match their criteria, no matter who lists them. We also are experienced with negotiating to get the best price for our clients, and making the process

as stress-free as possible. Now that I am at the end of my internship, there is a lot that I have taken away from it. Getting to experience living here has truly been an amazing experience. I encourage people to visit Israel if they haven’t before, or for those who are thinking about it, take the leap and make aliyah, you won’t regret it. And when the time comes for looking for a place to call home or interested in selling your place, you know where to come for the best service in Tel Aviv.