Real estate agent skills: what you need to succeed

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Last post we discussed important basic traits and skills that make for a great real estate agent. This post we examine some more specific skills a good real estate agent must have.

Preparation of the property for sale – Also known as staging, a great agent should be able to help prepare your property in a way that shows it to prospective buyers at its best. During your initial introduction, you should ask the agent his/her advice regarding small potential upgrades to the property and/or staging advice. In my experience a good agent can provide good advice at no cost; this is a good technique to estimate the level of his/her professionalism.

Interaction with potential buyers – If you’re looking for an agent to sell your property, it is imperative that you choose someone who knows how to properly interact and care for potential buyers. Agents must know how to filter interested parties so that only relevant parties come to look at the property, saving time and resources. S/he should be organized and efficient, following up with people who have expressed interest, seen the property, etc. They should be able to keep track of potential buyers and deliver a superior service to each and every potential buyer.

Promotion and negotiation – One of the largest responsibilities of an agent is to get you the deal that is best for you. A great agent will use his/her professional experience to help in the negotiating process, simplifying the process and improving the terms of the contract.

Bureaucratic navigation – There are few “simple” buying and/or selling transactions in real estate, and especially in Tel Aviv. Closing a deal typically requires some bureaucratic measures, whether it’s with the Israel Land Administration, the municipality, lawyers, or mortgage financing. Before deciding on an agent, find out how s/he can help you with the bureaucracy surrounding a sale, and with which specialists s/he works closely with. You should choose an agent whose service package includes intensive professional support all the way to closing.

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