Setting the stage for success: how to effectively stage your property

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Israel Real Estate, Tel Aviv Real Estate | 0 comments

As homeowners begin the process of selling their property, they often forget some important things that can make the difference between a high selling price and a low one. Between getting excited about the new place they may have already found to move into, the bureaucracy that goes along with buying and selling property, and the sheer exhaustion that the process often entails, they often forget an important step in selling a property (especially in Israel) for its highest value: staging.

Most people think of rearranging/replacing furniture when they think of staging, but there are actually many other aspects that you have to get right as well; in Israel there is less of a focus put on furniture than in the US. Below are five key things to keep in mind when getting your house in Israel ready for a showing:

1. Fix small things around the house: As ironic as it may sound, right before you are ready to sell your home is the perfect time to do all those small repairs around the house that you keep putting off: fixing cracks, cleaning up any dirt and stains, replacing burned out light bulbs, fixing broken light switches, repairing rusty faucets… you get the point.

2. Treat potential buyers as guests – Organize your home before the arrival of potential buyers for a showing. Clean, organize clutter, wash the dishes in the sink and create an atmosphere of cleanliness and organization.

3. The entrance – The first thing a potential buyer sees when walking into the apartment/house is the entrance. If you are living in an apartment building, go for the “five-star hotel” look in the lobby. Remove discarded bottles and flyers, and make sure the stairway is clean. Make sure your building screams “organized and quiet tenants”.

4. Sunlight – Lighting is a crucial tool in the process of selling a home. Sunlight-wise, the ideal time to bring buyers to see a property is during the early afternoon; this is usually quite challenging considering most buyers’ work schedules. If the house is being shown at night, which is often the case, make sure to fill the house/apartment with strong, warm light (use yellow, not white light bulbs in your lighting fixtures).

5. Smell – Don’t underestimate the power of odor. A bad smell triggers strong negative associations. Even though I am sure your dog/cat is very cute, its smell can trigger not so great feelings among potential buyers. Consider popping in some cookies to the oven before your house is shown; everyone likes the smell of baking cookies.

Your overall goal in staging your property is to help potential buyers imagine themselves living their lives happily and comfortably in your Tel Aviv home. Your love for your home should be reflected in how you stage it. Staging is an art, and you may need to enlist the help of a real estate professional to help you perfect it.