Ten Tips on Tipping in Tel Aviv

by | Jul 25, 2021 | The Big Move | 0 comments

We all know that moment of hesitation when you pay for something in a foreign country and you’re not sure whether to tip or not. You can’t ask the person because he or she will feel uncomfortable telling you how much to pay, or the person will tell you an amount that is way higher than what is standard. We are here to save the day. We present Israel Tipping 101:
  1. At a bar the bartender will normally make it a point to tell you that service is not included with your drink. They expect a standard 10% tip for each purchase and if you are particularly impressed with their cocktail you can even tip 15%.

  2. You are not expected to tip a cab driver in Israel. The exception to this is going to or from the airport with multiple bags. In that case, a 20 NIS tip is appreciated.

  3. A waiter or waitress expects a minimum of 10% tip for your meal. If the service exceeded expectations then tip 15%-20% for the great


  1. For food deliveries a tip is expected. A normal tip is 5-10 NIS depending on the amount of food you order. A 10 NIS tip is nice if it’s raining outside. For grocery deliveries, it is common to tip 10 NIS with your order as well.

  2. For men, if you go to the same hairdresser often and get good service, it is common to tip 10 NIS. This is not as standard as some other industries and a tip is not required if the service is just ok. For women, a 10% tip is normal especially for a hairdresser that is used often.

  3. In Israel, it is not common to tip hotel staff. This includes the cleaning staff, though a small tip is appreciated.

  1. For movers it is common to tip 50 NIS per person.

  2. For wedding wait staff, it is common for a cup to be placed in the middle of each table at the reception. Each person/couple at the table can put as much as they want based on the service. Usually around 20 NIS, though it is not mandatory.

  3. For masseuses it is common to tip 10% especially if they provide an excellent massage.

  4. For personal care including nails and makeup it is common to tip 10%.

These guidelines for tipping will hopefully make your Israel vacation or absorption experience a little less stressful. Rewarding good service is the right thing to do, and you encourage these workers to keep up their positivity and performance. By tipping, you are helping to support not only a better experience for yourself, but for everyone who will interact with them with great service. Finally, it is important to keep in mind that there is NO RIGHT OR WRONG amount to tip, it is always up to you, but we hope this helps.