The Melting Pot of the Middle East: Tel Aviv

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Tel Aviv Living, Tel Aviv Real Estate | 0 comments

Tel Aviv is the cultural hub of the Middle East. Situated in Israel, it offers a wide array of restaurants, attractions, and most importantly, amazing properties. Working for the Daon Group in Israel, has given me the opportunity to see a lot of prime real estate that are all truly unique. I have been living in Israel for three years and Tel Aviv has developed rapidly, from north to south. 

Since the city has become such a modern hub in the Middle East, this has inevitably meant that Tel Aviv has formed into a melting pot of cultures. The main demographics come from Europe, the Middle East, Ethiopia, and The Philippines.

Southern Tel Aviv is home to the beautiful Jaffa and Neve Tzedek. Both of these areas boast stunning architecture that makes you feel like you’re walking the streets of Italy to walking the streets of biblical-era Israel. This stark contrast is what makes Tel Aviv feel so alive and diverse. As a real estate agent, one of the most memorable properties that I visited was in Jaffa. Facing the sea and situated between a church and a mosque, it represents a clash of civilizations in the good sense. In essence, it represents Tel Aviv as a whole – which is a melting pot of cultures and religions.

As well as that, the Carmel Market (Shuk HaCarmel) that is situated on Allenby Street, boasts a wide array of fresh produce from all over the world. From sizzling hot Mexican burritos to schnitzel stuffed in challah bread, the market is as diverse as the people that surround it!

Due to the increasing popularity of the market, many have decided to live in the area, making Allenby a bustling and busy part of the city. Beautiful and modern new developments have also started to pop up, which includes our listing at Beit HaSho’vea 8! This grand apartment is just a five minute walk from the market which means that there’s no excuse to not eat well! Situated perpendicularly to the Carmel market, is the Nahalat Benyamin art fair. It is the biggest and oldest art fair in Israel which showcases the talent of independent sellers. Items range from Judaica to wooden and glass sculptures, and is a heaven for those who love arts and crafts. This is also an excellent place to buy your loved ones souvenirs!

    The Daon Group is also proud to be selling an apartment that is tucked away in the cosy neighborhood of Neve Tzedek. The architecture in this area is extremely elegant and European. You’ll even forget that you’re in Israel whilst walking through its streets! From independent artist shops, to signature gelato stores, Neve Tzedek has everything that you could want right in the heart of the city. The image to the right showcases pastel colored buildings, surrounded by Tel Aviv’s skyscrapers. This property on Dganya Street 20 offers a peaceful haven from the bustling city.

    The city of Tel Aviv is developing by the minute. Emerging skyscrapers are dramatically changing the landscape and a brand new metro system is set to be completed in the next five years. This will significantly make it easier to get around as it’s going to offer an alternative method of transport. The new train system will run through the heart of Tel Aviv, which will mean that properties located near stations will increase in price. The time has never been more right to buy and sell properties with the Daon Group! I, and all the Daon Group staff, are looking forward to meeting you in the melting pot of the Middle East.