The Next Station Is: Bat Yam

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Uncategorized


The city of Bat Yam is located in Israel’s Central District, just below Tel Aviv’s southern border. The growing city is brimming with beautiful beaches that continue up to Tel Aviv, an increasing population due to expanding job opportunities, and high-value potential expressed by the increase in investors.

Perhaps the most exciting development in Bat Yam is the new light rail train, bound to attract many with its swift and comfortable access to Tel Aviv. The new train will allow fast and easy transit from Bat Yam to Tel Aviv in a matter of minutes. The many convenient stops throughout Tel Aviv make the trip hassle-free, and better yet, traffic-free!

This new addition makes Bat Yam more accessible to Tel Aviv than ever before. After seeing the city’s clear advantages, the real question for buyers is: “where is the potential?” The housing price per square meter in Bat Yam is an estimated 50% LESS than the current measurement in Tel Aviv! With the low prices, proximity to Israel’s premier city, the new light rail, and the pristine beaches, the potential for price increases in the near future could not be clearer. In addition, there are multiple municipal plans to unite the cities of Tel Aviv and Bat Yam currently underway.

The plans are now awaiting approval; however, they give way for yet another appealing prospect to add to the list of up-and-coming promising attractions Bat Yam has to offer. In the last decade, real estate prices have only increased, and the trend will continue to skyrocket. It is clear that Bat Yam will be the next hot spot for investors in Israel.

As a citizen born and raised in Bat Yam, I have witnessed the city’s rapid growth progress first-hand. I have seen what the city was, what it is now, and where it’s heading. It would be my pleasure to assist and accompany you in seeing the great potential waiting for you in the city of Bat Yam. For further information and inquiries, feel free to contact me.