Top Ten Essential Apps for Living in Tel Aviv

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Uncategorized

Tel Aviv is a bustling city where you can find the best of Israeli life and culture. This innovative and energetic city has everything you could want and more, but in order to properly navigate Tel Aviv and see the popular spots as well as the hidden gems, make sure to download these lifesaving apps.


In a busy city like Tel Aviv, public transportation and navigation is a must. Using Moovit will not only allow you to easily plan your trip whether it’s by bus, train, taxi, or foot but also give you the best routes and navigation.

Pinterest / Instagram

The social platforms you must download in order to keep up with the city and find the coolest and most picture worthy spots in Tel Aviv – for food, sightseeing, and anything you would like to do around the city.


This big city is enormous and has so many restaurants that you might not know or are too far away from. Through Wolt, you can easily discover and order from a variety of restaurants in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. Orders arrive in no time to your doorstep.

Bit / Pepper Pay / Paybox

For those who have an Israeli bank account, these apps are a great way to either transfer money or even make “group chats” to easily collect money from many people all digitally and in a secure way.


Bird / Lime / Wind / Mobike

These scooters or bikes are an easy and fun way to easily get around the city. Their “parking spots” are very accessible and found everywhere around town, and the app is super simple and straightforward.


The ultimate app to have as a guide around the city to know and keep up with restaurants, bars, shopping, fashion, events, activities, art, music, clubs, nightlife, and tours in Tel Aviv.



In a busy city like Tel Aviv, help from an app like Waze to get through the traffic is a MUST. Using this app will allow you to know the travel times and route details, and give you a heads up of upcoming traffic or road blockages.

Cool Cousin

This Tel Aviv based app allows you to connect with locals who share your interests. Through the connections, you’ll find what you should do around the city and get to know people who live very close to you.



This international app is a great way to connect with local activities, travels, goods and services around the city with nice discounts you can only get from this app. All you have to do is subscribe and continue to check your email.

Tel Aviv Beaches

This app will tell you the temperature of the water, wave heights, and costs and availability of umbrellas and chairs. Through this app you can also rent beach facilities quickly and conveniently instead of using machines.

Hopefully these apps will allow you to explore and enjoy everything that Tel Aviv has to offer with optimal ease and minimal stress.

*Each app is linked with its website to access more information.