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Selling your home feels like selling an extension of yourself.

It’s emotional and often more complicated than you may realize, with many factors playing a role in successful real estate transactions.

If you plan to be your own real estate agent, you need to know the risks.

List too high, and your house could sit unwanted on the market for months. List too low, sell immediately, and you’ll always wonder if you undervalued your property.

There’s a lot that goes into creating a listing and finding qualified clients, including:






Internet exposure


Pre-market exposure


Valuation and pricing


Timing and presentation


Floor-plan measurements


Marketing and advertising


Remodelling or upgrading


Photography and videography


Agent outreach and relationships


Open houses and more

Listing with the most qualified real estate agency in Tel Aviv.

We take care of ALL those elements, sell 100% of the houses that list with us and have closed over 800 million shekels to date.

Our international database of qualified buyers gets you the highest potential return on your property investment.


Confidence in your property value.

A convenient, complimentary valuation to advise you to list your home for what it’s worth. Avoid disappointment from overpricing and be confident you’ve sold for top dollar.


Total marketing and advertising services to attract leads with zero hassle.

With a vast network eagerly waiting for your property to hit the market, we generate leads and attract buyers to you.


Worry-free listing management.

Let us take care of everything for you. From inspection to design, photography, videography, and everything else your listing needs to stand out!


Complete showing management.

Truly list it and forget about it when you work with us. We handle timing, presentation, and even coordinate open houses.

Sell your house sooner!

Contact the best real estate agency in Tel Aviv today for a COMPLIMENTARY, no-obligation property valuation.

The Daon Group will list and advertise your property in the top real estate websites in over 50 countries, with the advertisements translated in the native language on over 100 different platforms.